Hakkiri Enables Agile Leaders To:

  • Manage and optimize the flow of value
  • Manage risks, dependencies, and impediments
  • Keep stakeholders informed and involved in how strategy is being executed
  • Create a collaborative culture focused on performance and results


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Align Development to Business Goals

Define Strategic Themes for agile teams that are aligned to business objectives and outcomes. Track and report on efforts against these themes to demonstrate impact on company goals and mission.

Get Automatically Rolled Up Status

Stay current on product roadmap progress and risks in real-time. Have the information you need at your fingertips to make informed decisions and trade-offs at the leadership level. Confidently keep your stakeholders informed.

Use Workflows Tailored for Managing Agile Programs

Manage a backlog of initiatives that group work across teams, manage the flow of initiatives across a program board, and plan program increments like sprints to bring your strategy to life.

Give Time Back to Developers

Hakkiri works with the way your teams use their tools.  Teams stay focused on delivering, while Hakkiri tracks the progress of tickets as they are worked on.

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For Program Managers, RTEs, & Scrum Masters

Get the status you need without slowing down teams

It's the end of the week and it's time for you to follow up with all the stragglers who didn't get their status updates in on time. Let Hakkiri do the work of tracking status. Just select the teams and epics they are working on to define a deliverable. We harness the digital exhaust of teams working tickets and automatically track progress against the Deliverable you set up. Putting your weekly status report together and providing insightful commentary has never been this easy.

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Status Reporting Made Easy


Know when deliverables are off track and by how much
Get estimates of completion you can trust
Easily track progress versus priorities
See cumulative flow at every level: Overall, by Team, by Epic