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See Everything.

Adapt Faster.

In a world where the pace of innovation only gets faster, the best way to deliver software is iteratively and incrementally. But maximizing value delivery is a moving target as customers, competitors, markets, and organizational capacity can change at a moment's notice. Hakkiri helps leaders handle those inevitable changes by acting as real-time navigation for your Product Roadmap. Tracking your progress, alerting you to slowdowns, and keeping your projected completion date in view. Enabling leaders to make more impactful decisions and keep stakeholders informed with confidence.


Be predictable and reliable

With our Continuous Clarity EngineTM automatically tracking progress you'll know what you'll be able to deliver by when. Sales and Support teams can confidently manage customers who will be delighted when they get what they were promised when they were promised it.

Increase efficiency

The more goals you've got the more time and resources (and usually meetings) it takes to track them. It's useful, but costly and tedious. Take the toil out of it and let your team members spend their valuable time building products.

Deliver maximum value

Make the most of your organizational capacity. Hakkiri makes it easy to see if work is aligned to your most important goals (or not) and happening in priority order. Make adjustments and see its impact immediately in predictions.


Goal Tracking Made Easy

Integrate with Jira or Azure 

We understand that teams just want to do work and use their tools like they always have. Hakkiri seamlessly integrates with Jira or Azure DevOps without requiring any changes to the way teams work in most cases. All Hakkiri requires is that each team has an authoritative board for it's backlog and utilizes Epics (or is willing to start). Once linked, Hakkiri will track all the work teams do on tickets and automatically track progress and create metrics.



Manage strategic and tactical goals

Hakkiri lets you manage your goals the way you think about them. Model your organization, your goals, and the way you deliver them. Whether you track OKRs, Increments (SAFe), Releases, or whatever-you-call-your-goals you can track them in Hakkiri.



Automatic tracking of progress towards goals

Hakkiri automatically aggregates all of the work occurring towards your goals so you'll be able to answer "What's the status?" in no time, at any time. No more running around pestering teams or sending nagging emails asking for status. Spend your time working directly on goals and less on administrative tasks. Keep your Developers focused on code, your Product Owners on customers, and Agile Coaches on streamlining flow.



Predictive Analytics

Your teams are Agile and need to adapt to change.  They are working on multiple things are once and it's hard to predict when you'll hit your goals. This is why Hakkiri's Continuous Clarity EngineTM uses time-series data to power predictive analytics at every level of work. This gives Hakkiri a unique, more reliable, and accurate ability to predict delivery. Armed with this information organizations can make informed decisions on scope, priority, or staffing to keep goals on target or manage expectations when things need to change.


Real-Time Dashboards

Backed by our Continuous Clarity EngineTM Hakkiri has rich real-time dashboards to improve your operational efficiency. Put together your status reports in a fraction of the time. Hold more efficient status meetings and get teams back to work faster by reviewing progress, alignment, and focus by overall priority or by team. Say goodbye to finding out that goals are off-target the day before they are supposed to be completed.

I never imagined having this much visibility into my organization.
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