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Deliver Software Predictably

Struggling with software projects missing deadlines and last-minute scope cuts? With Hakkiri you always know what’s going to be delivered by when.


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The Age of Digital Transformation

Sofware development has entered a new era. Hakkiri is the planning and tracking tool that was built for it.

See Across Local and Remote Agile Teams

Manage your roadmap items across teams and plan deliverables using workflows tailored for agile development.


Map Strategy to Execution

Define Strategic Tags for agile teams that are aligned to business objectives and outcomes. Track and report on efforts against them to demonstrate impact on company goals and mission.


Roll-Up Status Automatically

Stay current on product roadmap progress and risks in real-time. Have the information you need at your fingertips to make informed decisions and trade-offs at the leadership level. Confidently keep your stakeholders informed.


Course Correct with Predictive Analytics

Giving you the delivery information you need, when you need it - allowing you to make the necessary pivots and adjustments at exactly the right time to keep your top deliverables on track.


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