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Predictability requires clarity


はっきり Japanese adverb - "To explain clearly"




Tracking progress was too costly, too slow, and too late

James and Robert have spent their careers building products and teams that build products. They know that teams just want to build awesome products, see customers love them, and enjoy personal and business success as a result. But too often they've seen organizations miss goals, waste resources, frustrate stakeholders, and disappoint customers because they lacked effective ways to track progress and predict what could realistically get done by when. 

In solving these problems they found insights and processes to keep work visible and aligned to goals that produced serious benefits:

  • Our teams were more engaged because they saw the impact of their efforts
  • Our leaders were more effective because they had the data they needed to adapt as things changed. 
  • Our stakeholders were confident in our ability to make and hit commitments 

Together, they built the Continuous Clarity EngineTM to make tracking and reporting on goals simpler, timely, and more efficient. By harnessing the digital exhaust from development teams, and streamlining the process of tying work to goals, we automated away the toil of status tracking and reporting. Empowering organizations to be laser-focused on the great products they want to bring to market.

Our Values


Cross-Functionality is a win-win for all.


Feeling your best lets you bring your best.


Everyone is a player-coach.




Robert Orefice

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

Robert Orefice is a co-founder of Hakkiri, where he currently is using every aspect of his cross-functional skillset. He spent the first 15 years of his career in the semiconductor industry and later served in senior leadership roles across Technology, Product and Portfolio/Program Management at Eze Software Group, WebMD and Aetion. In each of these roles he has directed Agile transformations with an emphasis on blending the right mix of tools and processes to drive a great team culture, while also giving the necessary visibility to executive stakeholders.


James Smith

CEO, Co-Founder

James Smith is a co-founder of Hakkiri. With over 20 years in technology, he has been instrumental in numerous transformative initiatives as an engineer and executive. As the Senior Managing Director of Engineering at the Eze Software Group (a FinTech market-leader), James oversaw 4 product lines, 350+ engineers at 7 sites, and guided digital transformation into the cloud. Those experiences inspired Hakkiri's unique focus on time-series data, automated rules engines, and real-time aggregation and analytics that applied the power of stock portfolio analysis to organizational goal tracking.