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Delivery Tracking & Reporting for Jira

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  • Roadmap Management
  • Automated Deliverable Tracking
  • Predictive Analytics & Alerts
  • Reporting Automation
  • Delivery & Team Performance Analytics
Available for: Jira Cloud
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Frequently Asked Questions

Try Hakkiri

How do I start a trial?

  • Just go to Manage Apps in Jira and search for Hakkiri then smash that Start Trial button.

Is the trial really free?

  • Yes, it's really free.

What happens when the trial is over?

  • Your trial account is your permanent account and all your data and integrations stay intact. Your subscription will start and your account will be charged. If you decide to cancel (we'll be sad but that's ok), you will not be charged and your account and all your data will be permanently deleted.

What features can I use in a trial?

  • All of them! We want to make sure you can benefit from all Hakkiri has to offer.

Use Hakkiri

Can you handle my custom Jira configuration?

  • We fully expect so. We built Hakkiri to integrate with multiple sources of data so it can handle variety (we're told it's the spice of life). In some, rare, cases a Jira configuration may be so bespoke it throws us for a loop. If you are wondering if this may be the case just drop us a line to discuss:

Do you support Next-Gen boards in Jira?

  • Yes, we do! We support both Classic and Next-Gen boards so you can track your team's progress regardless of their board type.

How is data stored?

  • We know that your strategy and delivery data are very important and we take protecting it seriously. We are users of Hakkiri ourselves and all of our data is hosted as well. This is why we've built security as a core principle of our system using secure HTTPs communication, data encryption at rest, and follow the principle of least privilege. You can learn more in our Security and Trust center

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What is Hakkiri's ROI by Team?

  • Hakkiri saves teams time, money, and effort. Allowing effort to stay focused on building products for customers rather than tracking deliverables and status reporting. As an example) For a US-based team of 7, they can expect to save $1700 in salary costs in time savings per month.

What is Hakkiri's ROI by Revenue?

  • Being late with releases can hurt sales and your reputation. We estimate that for every $10M in annual revenue each week that Hakkiri prevents a delivery delay our clients recapture $41K in revenue per week otherwise lost to delay.