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Inspired by Trading Systems 

Track your software deliverables like a stock portfolio



View your goals, your way

Ticket systems work great for individual teams but not for tracking cross-team deliverables. Hakkiri's Continuous Clarity EngineTM understands your goals and applies the approach and analytics from stock trading systems to tracking your product portfolio the way you want to view it. Its powerful real-time event-based architecture constantly aggregates status and metrics. Putting the data you need at your fingertips.


powering Product portfolio analytics

The design of the Continuous Clarity EngineTM (CCE) was inspired by the insight that tracking software teams would benefit from the same engineering principles used by trading systems to track stock portfolios.


By viewing work tickets like stock tickers we store changes in time-series,  creating a basis for trend analysis and predictive analytics.

Knowing all that data needs context, we built tailored workflows for defining your organizational structure and strategic/tactical goals. This makes tying goals to all those work tickets fast and efficient.

So as teams work tickets, without needing to change their workflows, the CCE is processing updates in real-time to power dashboards and alerts. Giving leaders the insights and context they need to keep goals on target and resources focused on delighting customers.

How Hakkiri Operates



Built from the ground up with security in mind.

Learn how.



Webhook events aren't just for Slack channels. We put them to work so you don't have to.


Automatic Aggregations

Teams work on many things at once so we aggregate progress at every level right when it happens.


Time-Series Everything

Our data-model tracks everything in time-series. Powering endless possibilities for insights.


Metrics that Matter

We build software too. We focus on data that improves outcomes and results. Not vanity metrics.  


Predictive Analytics

Our machine learning-powered models learn how your teams work. Creating more accurate predictions you can trust.

How Hakkiri Integrates

Secure and Easy

Integrating your toolchain with Hakkiri takes less than 30 minutes. We connect with:

  • Jira Cloud (as an AddOn in the Atlassian Marketplace)
  • Jira Server (Our IPs may need to be authorized by your firewall)
  • Azure DevOps (In Beta), GitLab/GitHub (On Deck)

Once integrated, the Continuous Clarity EngineTM keeps Hakkiri up-to-date in real-time by processing webhook events as your teams work their tickets. All changes are immediately reflected in your analytics and dashboards.


Want to learn more?

Download our Guide to Continuous ClarityTM and learn more about how Hakkiri improves delivery predictability, increases team productivity, and scales your organization.

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