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Team Tracking for Jira

Release products predictably with visibility

into your software teams.


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Yes, Your Teams really are your most important resource.

In today's world of increased remote collaboration, it's more important than ever to have a clear view of your team's delivery. But keeping them aligned and rowing in the same direction can be a big challenge.

Hakkiri helps organizations get the visibility they need to maintain alignment and keep goals on target. With automated metrics and scores you'll get the insights you need to identify areas that need an extra boost.




Visibility Made Easy

Stop jumping back and forth between boards

Integrate with Jira or Azure 

We understand that teams just want to do work and use their tools like they always have. Hakkiri seamlessly integrates with Jira or Azure DevOps without requiring any changes to the way teams work in most cases. All Hakkiri requires is that each team has an authoritative board for it's backlog and utilizes Epics (or is willing to start). Once linked, Hakkiri will track all the work teams do on tickets and automatically track progress and create metrics.



Get a unified view of Delivery

View delivery across your organization in a single unified place. Use delivery metrics and performance scores to quickly identify areas for improvement.

  • View progress and alignment of sprints
  • View historical sprint analytics
  • View scores by delivery discipline



Analyze Team Delivery

View current sprints next to previous ones. View trends and metrics. Dive deep into delivery discipline-based scores.

  • Use analytics and scores to identify hot spots that need attention
  • View historical delivery trends to improve planning and make commitments teams can stand behind




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