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Delivery Tracking & Reporting for Jira

Visibility made easy.


Available on the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud

What's the status?

"Are we on track?", "What are teams working on?", "Are we aligned to our priorities?". These are important questions that are often a painful, recurring chore to answer.

We got tired of all the operational waste and manual effort and wanted to spend our time building cool features for customers. That's why our Delivery Tracking & Reporting for Jira AddOn has all the features you need to focus on building products your customers will love while answering any status questions that come your way.




Automated Status Reporting

We can't write your status report for you, but we can get you 80% of the way there. Stop exporting data to Excel and get your Friday afternoons back.

Integrate with Jira or Azure 

We understand that teams just want to do work and use their tools like they always have. Hakkiri seamlessly integrates with Jira or Azure DevOps without requiring any changes to the way teams work in most cases. All Hakkiri requires is that each team has an authoritative board for it's backlog and utilizes Epics (or is willing to start). Once linked, Hakkiri will track all the work teams do on tickets and automatically track progress and create metrics.



Track Deliverables

Building software is hard enough and tracking progress shouldn't be a painful recurring chore. Our delivery dashboard handles the heavy lifting of rolling up data and lets you see the status of your deliverables at a glance. Letting leaders focus on making adjustments and keeping goals on target.

  • View progress and metrics
  • View team alignment to goals
  • View predicted completion dates
  • Get alerted to risks
  • Export PowerPoint reports



Plan with Ease

Create deliverables to track important projects and releases. Simply drag & drop Epics into deliverables and Hakkiri will track all activity going forward.

  • Customize deliverable types to your organization
  • Use simple drag & drop workflows to plan deliverables like you plan sprints
  • Works with both Team and Managed boards
  • Set target start and end dates to track a roadmap
  • Plan Epics into as many deliverables as you to need to satisfy multiple stakeholders.


Get a unified view of Delivery

View delivery across your organization in a single unified place. Use delivery metrics and performance scores to quickly identify areas for improvement.

  • View progress and alignment of sprints
  • View historical sprint analytics
  • View scores by delivery discipline



Analyze Team Performance

View current sprints next to previous ones. View trends and metrics. Dive deep into delivery discipline-based scores.

  • Use analytics and scores to identify hot spots that need attention
  • View historical delivery trends to improve planning and make commitments teams can stand behind




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