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For Growing Companies

Your business has grown from a single team to two or more with plans to keep growing. It's an exciting time but it's become challenging to keep everyone aligned and focused on the most important goals. Hakkiri can get you setup with processes that scale your teams smoothly without slowing them down. Teams stay focused on goals, while leaders will have clear insight into all the work taking place.  Hakkiri's unique approach combines Consulting tailored to the needs of growing firms and our SaaS platform that puts the visibility you need to drive results at your fingertips.  


Consulting - Tailored for the needs of growing companies

Growing firms need to focus on achieving results. They run lean and need to make the most of their resources and efforts. Hakkiri understands that and has built a tailored consulting approach that follows that ethos. Our approach:

  • Uses lightweight processes that scale as you grow
  • Promotes a delivery focused culture
  • Enables faster and better decision making, reducing waste.
  • Uses Consulting to get you in shape, and our tools to keep you there


Tools - Built to keep teams focused and lean as they grow

Hakkiri's platform was built to give leaders the insight they need for making decisions. It enables us (and you) to learn more, faster about your organization. Challenges are spotted quickly and enable companies to:

  • Track goals without interrupting teams for status reports
  • Keep everyone aligned and focused 
  • Get alerted of risks. Know when goals are off track when they go off track.
  • Make smaller, less expensive course corrections.